sábado, 16 de enero de 2010

Lovely nights

It's been a while since my last post, but I think I've said it before; I only write when I'm in a specific mood when my brains wants to spit some thoughts into words!!

I don't think my posts will have an specific subject or theme, I will write what I feel at the moment.
I've always loved night time, it can be weird but is the time I feel more alive, my mind more cleared; who knows maybe in a past life I was a night creature, the point is that even I like a sunny warm day to go out for a walk and have a chat with a close friend, nights are for me and for me alone. Is the time when I can be with myself and let my mind go: sometimes to create, analize(to often I would say), dream or just to meditate about how my life is going.

I cannot understand people who can't be alone, years ago so called friends annoyed me with the classic frase "don't leave me alone", and because my insecurities about if I say no to them... I will myself be ended alone. What a contradiction... but yes be insecure make you do things you don't want. Of course when I needed som aid from those persons I only got NO for an answer.

We live in a world where the majority likes the crowd, the noise, the more "friends" you´ve got the more "popular" you are. And being the opposite had made my life so difficult, until through different circumstancse I learned and still learning to accept who am I and what do I stand for. I like the quiet, I like to be surrounded by nature and maybe I have a few friends, but are exactly that: truly friends. And maybe because I started to accept everything that conforms myself is why I enjoy so much my lovely nights!.

And don't get me wrong; I like to go to parties, reunions, I love concerts, cinema and more social situations, but because I want to, not because some people say I have to.

Readers, it is a lovely night tonight!! I only wish you peace and joy of soul, and as always "bear with me" meaning forgive my english writing errors!!
Love u all!

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nic dijo...

Another wonderful post, my love. Do not apologize for posting sporadically or for your English - both are factors which make your blog so wonderfully Vero. You should post for you, so it absolutely should be when inspiration strikes you. Your expression and language are a joy to read and let us hear your 'voice' so clearly.

That said: I could relate so well to this. So many people confuse solitude and loneliness, and that's a terrible mistake to make. It's very easy to be lonely in a crowd, especially if you are not among real friends.

You are most definitely someone who has found yourself and seem to be in a place where you know yourself - it's admirable. Your true friends are incredibly lucky to have you. I hope they learn from you as well.

I am a night creature too. Goodness, when we move to London, it won't know what to do with us! ;) Porn and o's dear. x

TruthFallNess dijo...

(My first ever comment, so hope it works)
I understand very well, what you mean.

True friends are people who accept you including ALL your traits and faults!
Some people pertain to be friends, but when the situation is not to their advantage, soon fade away!

I prize friendship above most other virtues, as this should be a truly individual decision; to want to share time and space with another person, to the betterment of both parties!

I feel very strongly that “friends” should benefit equally from the relationship.

With regard to my “friends”, I choose to in my small way, make the world a better place for them.
However, I may have an opportunity to help I will, regardless of difficulty!

Inevitably, I am sometimes disappointed by the reciprocation of my friends, even my closest friends.
As from my perspective, it can seem, that their effort is less than mine would be in the same circumstances.
But generally this is because I have a habit of over analysing things.
People are not ALL exactly alike, so one person is likely to react to a situation differently to another.
I pride myself on being a reliable, understanding and helpful person, to ALL, particularly my friends. However I am not without my faults!

I can often be rather introspective about my life, which is generally when acts of friendship seem the most precious.
Cynicism is also a habit I fall into easily!

My friends accept me and my faults.
I accept them and theirs.
Life for all of us is enriched by the presence of each other.
Neither can be there every time help is needed, but the knowledge that we can rely on each other when really needed, is a comfort.

Now in somewhat of a contradiction to the above sentiment, I often like to remove myself from the fray, to spend time alone.
More commonly this is when I’m feeling a little down, or less able to be cheerful for others. Generally, as I don’t want to bring them down!
Also, I sometimes like to be on my own, simply if I want a little peace, either for the sake of it, or if I have something important to do.

Crowds are not normally my thing, UNLESS, I’m with people with whom sharing the experience with, makes it better! Or, unless it’s an activity I really want to do (in which case I tolerate it).

I am friendly with many people, though have only a few good “friends”.
The differences between, friendliness and friendship, are often overlooked.

Claiming friendship for the sole purpose of enhancing popularity, in my view, is (paradoxically) Egocentrical!
For the most part, modern society seems to me, to prize popularity above friendship. Which in turn, makes life a much more sterile experience.

So, I think I’m starting to waffle.
If it works, I’m sure I may look back at this post later and cringe!
However, you’re candidness inspired me to open up.

Hope I haven’t offended, or embarrassed!
Starting to cringe now, better post before I change my mind.

Uli dijo...

Thanks for writing this! It is so close to what I have in my head, but can´t put in clear-cut words!

Marisa Birns dijo...

Hello, sister!

Wonderful post! Am so glad that you were in that specific mood to spit words onto the page, heh.

I love the way you write, whether you miss a word here or there. It's perfectly, wonderfully you!

Yes I love the night, also, though because I awaken so early in the morning, I find that I cannot stay up very late.

The early morning hours, when the moonlight is just turning over the job to the sun is just magical. The air smells freshly washed, the streets free from the hurly-burly.

I do love to be around people, sharing laughs, stories (though I prefer listening rather than telling) food, drink, dance, life.

But I need alone time, too. I'm not afraid to be alone. Collecting lots of friends just to say one is popular is so sad to me.

Having a few very good friends, ones who will come and help you and support you through good times and bads are worth more than could ever be put into words.

Wow. I rambled on. Sorry. :)

Un abrazo,

Derry dijo...

So enjoyed reading that, Vero.
The honesty and perception are refreshing. I delight in your bubbly, entertaining tweets, but hearing the real you is a bonus - thank you x

Simon Bennett dijo...

Great post. It amazes me how being alone at night can provide the inspiration to be creative. Most of my blog posts are written in the middle of the night when everyone else is asleep so I can relate to what you are talking about.

Don't worry about how often you post or the quality of your English. You have a very distinctive writing style that is a pleasure to read and you should only write what is in your heart to be written.

Muchos abrazos y besos, Vero!

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