domingo, 6 de diciembre de 2009

First entry!

Well first of all, I have to admit I'm a little scared about writing. The main reason is because my english is crapity crap, but oki doki Im gonna write!!.
First how do I get here,I believe one thing lead to another; first of all I'm a Stephen Fry´s fan (crazy some say, what do they know??)which lead me to his website, which lead me to twitter, and I was amazed there was a way to talk to the man. Well on twitter I started knowing pretty interesting people, who really make me believe twitter is a soul to soul talk without any body distraction. I´ve met lovely people especially at #frys a virtual, pub, bar, coffer shop, copulatorioum thither all depends in what kind of interest you are looking for.

And well those lovely souls at #frys lead to start my own blog (you know who u are!! R, R and V) and here I am in front of my lappy top writing. I should say I´ve done some writing when I was studying at the university but in spanish, and as it happens when you conceived and idea in one language it just doesnt feel the same after a translation, so I better start writing new stuff in english.

I really have no idea what will be the subjet(s) of my writing but I promise wont be a lot of Mr. Fry involved I fulled my tweets with him already ;D.

I believe now is time to talk a little about me, I'm going to be quick about the basics I'm a mexican working psychologist. And like in my profile says for many years I lived well I dont know how to explain but I was just "living" until a I did a big mistake that even it was awful help to get out of that letargic stage in which you dont feel anything, you just watch the passing time. But I'm happy to say that now IM LIVING THANKS to the real loving person who surround me and help get through that dark period of my life.

But we have a saying in Mexico "Recordar es revivir" (remembering is to relive) so thats all Im going to say about that, depressing time feels like an eternity and the only use to remember those times is to see how wonderful is to be happy of who you are adn what you do. And I'm really happy to find these lovely people on twitter that encouraged me to do this, to you a big soul hug!!

So I hope keep this writing exercise active and why not maybe make some short stories about anything my little fluffy brain invent, some people like my cursing creativity!! ;D

Well to you reader I can only hope you peace and joy of your soul. Abrazos!!