sábado, 30 de marzo de 2013

Imagine a life without Philip...

...Imagine a life without Philip...

These words that came from a tv show (kingdom) made me think, made me remember what that name means to me, and as the sentence implies ...what if?:

What if , I hadn't  watched V of Vendetta; the first time I was cautivated by Stephen Fry.?
What if, I hadn't logged in to twitter and  followed Stephen Fry.?
What if, I hadn't spent all that time tweeting at #frys.?
What if, I hadn't kept in touch with my fluffiest friend even when he was sad & didn't want to talk much.?
What if, I hadn't insisted on talk with him via different social networks.?
What if, we hadn't given us a chance when we felt our love was beyond a simple friendship.?
What if , I hadn't imagined it was possible to love someone who was miles away?
What if, I hadn't took that flight.?

What if...?

After a bit more than 3 years being familiar with the name Philip ,...

Let me tell you what would've happened. I wouldn't be the happiest woman I am now!
I wouldn't have the best boyfriend in the whole world and wouldn't be the bride to be to a wonderful man.

Of course Philip himself had to had made his own choices; but how wonderful it is, when two people choices collide to follow one path.

This story began with Stephen Fry, and this man keeps reminding me that life is filled with choices; ones that can change your life.

I have decided to love a man no matter how far he is, no matter he lives in a place I don't know, no matter how hard it is to live together just because we are from different countries.

I've made up my mind to love this man no matter the difficulties laying ahead! Why you might ask...?

Because I have imagined a life without Philip.... And it Wouldn't be worth living!

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Jenny dijo...

Oh my sweet friends xx I'm so glad to be witness to this journey and I'm privileged to call you both friends xx

Phil Townley dijo...

What can I say? I can only repeat and echo what you have already said but with replacing the word "Philip" with "Vero".

It is a lovely think to say and so wonderfully written, especially as it's not in your first language!

I can only end by saying the only words of Spanish I am confident in saying...

Te amo Veronica, te amo mucho!! xxxx

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