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2007 Finally at peace

It’s night and thoughts are wondering around... so here I am typing, don´t knowing how this will end.

2007 was THE YEAR, the year when my world was shocked, slapped it, turned around, shacked it, everything was upside down, and I can’t blame anyone else but me. That was the year I hurt a lot of people, more important my close family. I never imagined I could make my parents suffer that much, of course never intended to do it, but that doesn’t matter in the end I did.

I considered myself as a caring person, who likes to be in harmony with the people around me, but always in a way unhappy about who I was physically, mentally , spiritually , well just wasn’t happy, and because of that I got myself in a situation totally wrong but at the time gave me some temporary happiness and I don’t think it was happiness, it was momentaneous joy, and because I’d never felt it before, I didn’t see the awful consequences coming; meaning the suffer of the people I love, and depression , stress and anxiety attacks for myself.

Almost 3 years after, you might be thinking why Is she remembering that ???, well I thought about it ‘cause I see how my life has changed since that year, I’m healthy, I’m in peace with my family and most important with myself, I enjoy my work (sometimes I complain about it but yes I love having a job) , I have great friends, I’m starting to love myself and I’m writing and remembering about that time without tears in my face. Now I can be grateful of 2007; ‘cause when easily I can say it was the worst year of my life, it was also the best .

All in all 2007 :

  • Helped me change all my dark, negative things I was carrying since a long time.
  • Made me realize the value of my family and my best friend who always was there for me, and now I miss her so much (she’s living in another city).
  • It gave me the courage to travel, and study abroad
  • Made me taste the sour to distinguish the sweet time I’m living.
  • Is the reason I’m here sharing my feelings with all of you (lovely souls).

Dark times can bring the worst and best of us, in 2007 I was the worst no doubt about it, but I do believe after 2007 I’m following the right pad to be a better person, at least a happier one!.

As always I love you all and it is a great thing to share my deepest thoughts with you. I only wish you peace of soul and mind. And of course porn and o’s xoxoxox

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Robin dijo...

A beautiful post, that I am so happy you have shared! Having also experienced my own period of darkness, I can completely understand your feelings. I do believe living through the dark times makes you so much more appreciative of the good times you find after the darkness has passed.

I always love reading your words and look forward to all of the happy times ahead and hopefully meeting in NYC!!

Porn and o's my sister!!

sozzegirl dijo...

Gracias Dear looking forward for the summer and finger crossed to make it to NY !!! I know I will

rowemag dijo...

You are a wise and lovely person, Vero, and I'm glad you survived your "dark night of the soul" in a way that helped you become the lively, friendly, fun-loving woman we all know. xm

Phil Townley dijo...

That was lovely. It was great to hear how positive you are now and I loved the phrase "taste the sour to distinguish the sweet time", I know what you mean!
Thanks you for sharing your thoughts and lots of porn and o's as always, my fluffiest of friends.

Marisa Birns dijo...

Hola, hermanita!

Very, very happy that you found your way back to the love of your family and the peace of mind that brings the sweet to your life.

You are a delightful person and I thank you for sharing your thoughts here, and for being a fun and lovely amiga as well as hermana.

You know, I'm hoping to go to NYC in the summer, too! Can you imagine how great it will be if we all manage to meet?

By the way, the new look to your blog is wonderful.

lots of porn and o's to you!

Russell Willis dijo...

My fluffiest friend, I am most impressed by your candid and open post!
I am thrilled that you can look back from a better [lace to observe the lows so objectively!
It is one of the easiest things in the world; that when things are generally not so good, to concentrate fully on ANY seemingly positive aspect!
Many, Many people around the world, right now; will be doing just that, in an effort to escape that which they are unhappy with.
Escaping that type of mind state can be a very difficult task! One must recognise that it is happening and then have the courage and conviction, to begin the journey to change it!

It is obvious to me, having shared tweets with you for some time and after reading your fine blog posts; that you have triumphed through this difficult journey!

Do not dwell on the negative aspects of the past, rather view them as a lesson of what to avoid in the future.

Fluffiness thrives in positivity, dear and you are one of the Fluffiest I know!!

Porn and O’s


IndyDina dijo...

¡¡Hola, sweetie!! I like this post very much. You're right that we have to taste the sour to appreciate the sweet. It reminds me something from Kahlil Gibran: "The deeper sorrow carves into your being the more joy you can contain." The way you say it, though, that the sour makes you appreciate the sweet, is much more poetic and fun. :)

Anónimo dijo...

I'm now, my friend. But I do believe this shall pass, too. I want to be you friend. http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/profile.php?id=100000962040820

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